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Signature Massage

Each therapist has a unique style of massage. This massage is crafted by taking the education of each type of massage coupled with the experience of a therapist and incorporating it into a style that really caters to the specific needs of each client. My style is nurturing. I want my clients to feel safe and cared for while trusting me to attend to their needs. During this massage I can use soothing movements to address multiple issues while allowing my clients to reach a relaxing and peaceful state of mind. Allow me to melt away your aches and pains with gentle care.
60 min: $95
90 min: $135
120 min: $175

Pressure Points

Trigger Point Therapy

 Trigger points are tight tender spots in a muscle that cause referred pain. Referred pain, is pain felt in an area located away from the trigger point. This is known as a pain pattern. Therapists use these patterns as road maps to find the trigger point responsible for creating the pain. When a trigger point is located pressure is applied to the area followed by a series of stretches to elongate the affected area helping the muscle return to normal function. (When the pressure is applied it is a little painful but worth it). Some applications for this massage; back pain, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, jaw pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, hand and arm pain, repetitive use injuries, pelvic pain, sciatic pain, leg and knee pain, frozen shoulder.

60 min: $85 (initial visit - body work done on the specific areas of pain for the entire visit) 

Upper Back Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Tense and painful muscles create stiffness and decrease full range of motion in places like the neck, arms, lower back, legs, and more. Working deep into muscle tissue releases tightness and returns tissue to a healthy condition allowing for normal function. Some benefits of this massage; reduces chronic pain, improves blood flow, breaks up scar tissue, reduces stress. Some applications of this massage; carpal tunnel syndrome, postural problems, muscle tension, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, tennis elbow.
60 min: $85
90 min: $125
120 min: $165

Sports Injury

Sports Massage

Athletes know the benefits of a real sports massage. It doesn't matter what level athlete you consider yourself, or what type of sport you participate in, specific techniques used during this massage can help you achieve your goals. Before an event help warm up muscles and increase blood flow decreasing the risk of injury and allowing for better performance. After an event help the muscles recover from exertion by returning them to a restful state and aid the release of built up lactic acid responsible for soreness. Recover from a sports related injury help return the muscles back to normal function by assisting proper formation of scar tissue, improving strength, increasing flexibility and restoring range of motion.
60 min: $85 (after an event or regular muscle use)
90 min: $125 (required time needed for working on injuries)

Relaxing Massage

Swedish Massage

Melt away stress and allow your mind and body to experience deep relaxation. The long soothing strokes release tension and enable the body to return to its natural balance. Some benefits of this massage; relaxation, increased circulation, reduced stress, reduced anxiety, releases toxins from the body.
60 min: $85
90 min: $125
120 min: $165


Active Isolated Stretching

 A sequence of stretches are implemented by a therapist to aid in returning flexibility and range of motion to the body. Each stretch targets specific muscle groups. One set of muscles are isolated while the opposing set of muscles are contracted. The stretches are held for short periods of time and repeated until improvement in a restricted area is significant. Some benefits of AIS; optimize muscle and tendon range of motion, reduces risk of injury, facilitates the removal of toxins. Some applications of AIS; reduces tension and stiffness in the lower back, shoulder, hips, neck.

60 min: $85 (body work concentrated on one or two areas)

90 min: $125 (body work concentrated on two or more areas)

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

 Smooth Basalt stones are heated and then placed on specific points of the body. While the stones relax even the toughest muscle tissue, additional stones are used as tools by the therapist to massage the body. ​Some benefits of this massage; reduce pain, increase circulation, reduce stress and anxiety

60 min: $95

90 min: $135

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